Understanding Zoning Laws and Restrictions for Real Estate Investments in Clark County, Nevada

Real estate investors in Clark County, Nevada must be aware of the laws and regulations that govern land use, zoning, and development. This is known as Title 30 and it is essential for investors to understand the zoning laws and restrictions that apply to their investments. The county code outlines the rules for selling land owned by the city or county. Developers are allowed to purchase the land at no more than 10 percent of the assessed value, and any savings or subsidies must be passed on to the purchaser of the home.

Additionally, an urban agricultural element is included in the code, which requires a plan to inventory vacant land or other real estate owned by the city or county. This plan must determine if such land is suitable for urban agriculture and gardening. The code also states that any covenant, condition, or restriction contained in a deed, contract, or other legal instrument that affects the transfer, sale, or any other participation in real estate and prohibits the owner from displaying the flag of the United States on their property is void and unenforceable. Furthermore, NRS 278.0211 relating to school buildings in certain counties must be consistent and developed in collaboration with the school district. The governing body is not allowed to adopt an ordinance, regulation, or plan that prohibits a real estate owner from displaying the United States flag on their property. The code also outlines requirements for final maps.

Unless otherwise provided in subsection 5 or extended by mutual agreement, if the planning commission is authorized to take final action and does not do so within the period specified in this subsection, the final map will be considered unconditionally approved. Moreover, requirements for installing or improving facilities in existing or neighborhood parks in the city or county are also outlined in the code. Any document being modified must be identical in size and scale to the original document and drafted in accordance with applicable laws. NRS 278.02083 prohibits any agreement, restriction, or condition contained in a deed, contract, or other legal instrument that affects the transfer or sale of real estate from unjustifiably prohibiting or restricting an owner from using a system to obtain wind energy on their property. Additionally, any interest in oil, gas, minerals, or construction materials that is separate from surface ownership of real estate must be transmitted according to applicable laws. It is important for real estate investors to understand all zoning laws and restrictions that apply to their investments in Clark County, Nevada.

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