The facility of 1300 number is considered to be the easiest communication service offered to the customer in return to minimal and local charges from a fixed line throughout the area. It caters the customers in case of feedback, information on new product, inquiries and more. If you own a business and looking for a contact number for your business then Small Business Telecoms Solutions are the best options.

A business chooses 1300 number since it is easy to be connected with customers from all over the country. The call of customer gets transferred to the provider to mobile or landline and there is no way you will miss the call. 1300 numbers always come with ten digits. Customers can place a call from a landline anywhere at local and minimal charges. The call can be diverted to a mobile number or a landline number. If calls are made from cell phones then the caller will be charged at a decided rate by their mobile service providers. Call records, state-based routing, time-based routine and call diversion are the amazing features which are provided by 1300 numbers.

Different types of these numbers are available such as flash numbers, phone-words etc. Easy cancellation procedure and no-contract connections are the best advantages of these numbers. No setup fee, no cancellation fee, and easy installation schemes are also available. Many brands of telecommunication are providing helpful services which include an offer of thirty days trial for quick installation and no hidden fee offers. Many brands have mentioned their rates per call on their websites so that there are no further issues. These 1300 numbers are the easy to remember and conveniently available for local call rates.